Mass Effect: Andromeda will set up new games in novels

Mass Effect Revelation

I remember a decade ago, half of the fun of getting pumped for the first Mass Effect game was reading the novel leading up into the story. Although noting more than quick pulp paperback, that first Mass Effect: Revelation book went light years in setting up the fabulous science fiction universe.

And now, BioWare is set to do it all over again. The events of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the hundreds of years that separate it from the original trilogy remain a mystery, and BioWare isn’t answering any questions yet.

Why not? Because it wants you to buy the books, silly!

The first book, Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative, will be released by Titan Books this August, and following it, three more books will follow into the game’s release in early 2017. One book just isn’t going to cover the vast universe this time, I suppose.

Titan Books also announced plans for three Dishonored novels and three Deux Ex novels, the first of which “will form a bridge between the events in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the new game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.” This will be released on Aug .23.

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