Masters champion Danny Willett nearly didn’t play because his pregnant wife was expecting their first child

28-year-old British golfer Danny Willett pulled off the surprise win of the Masters with a dominant Sunday performance.

While Jordan Spieth collapsed and blew a five-shot lead on the back nine, Willett finished strong and won his first major, to the surprise of many.

Making the story even wilder, Willett nearly didn’t play this year’s Masters. Willett only committed to playing on March 30, the day his son, he and his wife’s first child, was born.

Earlier in March, Willett told the Daily Mail that he wouldn’t play if she was still expecting:

“If Nic hasn’t given birth before the first round, I won’t be going. It would be too close to the due date, and too far to get back. Obviously in an ideal world, we’ll have a smooth, early birth and I can get out there, even if I don’t fly until the Tuesday or Wednesday, because it’s not a tournament you really want to miss. But if not, there will be other Masters.”

Luckily, his wife gave birth on March 30, and he was able to play.

“Fortunately [my son] listened to my prayers and came early,” Willett said afterward. “It’s just been the most ridiculously awesome — 12 days, I guess.”

Willett joked, “I’m not quite sure which is better, this day or [the birth of my son] last Tuesday.”

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