Meet the 19 ‘solo general partners’ in venture capital investing that every founder should know

ProductHunt founder Ryan Hoover has an eye for cool new tech.

ryan hoover


What he does: It seemed inevitable that Ryan Hoover, a tech gadget aficionado, would jump into investing. His company, Product Hunt, is a website that surfaces cool new tech products, and is known as a hunting grounds for VCs looking for potential investments. 

Hoover raised his debut fund, Weekend Fund, a few months after selling off Product Hunt to AngelList in 2017. Now on his second fund, it backs consumer and enterprise businesses and is particularly excited about voice, apps for remote workers, and low-code tools.

The founder has help managing his fund from his chief of staff, Vedika Jain.

What he’s invested in: Intercom, Secfi, Codeverse, Superplastic, and Tandem

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