Meet the all-in-one cable capable of charging your micro-USB and Lightning devices alike


It’s always a happy day when you run across a product you never realized you desperately needed. Case in point — the Just Mobile AluCable Duo. This versatile cable doesn’t care if you need to charge an iPad or an Android phone, a Galaxy Tab or an iPhone 7. It can handle them all, while cutting your clutter of cables and chargers down to just one.

The AluCable Duo comes sporting dual connectors capable of charging either your micro-USB or Lightning devices alike. With both of those bases covered, this cable vaults to the top of your essential accessory bundle handling chores for almost any Android, Windows or iOS smartphones, tablets, battery packs, Bluetooth devices, and a host of other gadgets.

Unlike other cheap-o cables, the AluCable Duo is made with premium aluminum connectors and a heavy-duty, shield cable to avoid the fraying and splitting that comes with most charging cables. At five feet, it’s long enough to handle most charging scenarios, while still being compact enough to ride shotgun in your purse, vehicle, or travel bag for use at a moment’s notice.

And you’ll definitely have room to carry it, now that you don’t need all those other device-specific accessories you used to pack around. All the more reason to grab the Just Mobile AluCable Duo, now just $17.95 in the Technobuffalo Deals Store — that’s 28% off MSRP with free shipping included to the Continental U.S.

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