Mega Man Legends 2 confirmed for release next week on PlayStation Network

A little bird told us that this was already happening, but Capcom and Sony have finally cleared all of the hurdles for Mega Man Legends 2, opening its path for a release on the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Blogcast confirmed the news on its weekly episode, meaning the game will be available for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP next Tuesday when the PlayStation Store updates.

Now comes the obligatory point where I call out publishers for leaving a few games unaccounted for, but I’m not in the mood to make demands of Capcom. It has been more than aggressive in its efforts to make many classics available as of late, and I can ask for nothing more.

I dream of a future were we don’t have to turn to shadowy tactics to enjoy old video games, and that prospect is getting brighter everyday. However, not all PSOne Classics are as lucky as these games, nor do they enjoy the same level of rabid fanboyism that the Mega Man games do. Legalized and officially supported emulation can be a thing, but unless it’s all or nothing, underhanded distribution will never go away.

So happy this is happening, and I can close out my collection. Thanks a lot, Capcom.

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