Mexican F1 Driver Sergio Perez Dumps Sponsor Over Twitter For A Very Unfunny Trump Tweet

Election night was full of bad tweets, but one bad tweet in particular from the Mexican account for Hawkers sunglasses company about Trump winning the U.S. presidential election did not sit very well with Mexican F1 driver Sergio Perez, which the brand just began sponsoring this month.


According to, the Hawkers sponsorship of Perez is only weeks old, with the brand’s Perez-edition sunglasses going on sale just this month. The sponsorship ended today when Perez didn’t like the Hawkers Twitter account joking about Mexicans building President-elect Donald Trump’s border wall:

The Hawkers tweet jokes about Mexicans wearing its sunglasses to hide their crying eyes when they begin building the wall, which has been a major point of contention in the U.S. election after President-elect Donald Trump announced he would build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and force Mexico to pay for it.


Perez rightfully took offense to his sponsor’s distasteful tweet, and replied announcing that he was breaking his relationship with the company, vowing to “never let anyone make fun of my country.”

That wasn’t the only tweet from Hawkers joking about the result of the election Tuesday night, with another joking about Mexicans being in danger.

The Hawkers account reacted to Perez’s tweet a few hours later, claiming to have made a serious mistake and that it wont happen again.

It’s not at all surprising that Perez would find any joke about Mexicans being forced to build a wall by the U.S. inappropriate for any of his sponsors to be making, and it’s nice to see he’s not willing to take any sort of shit like that from the people that pay the bills.



Hawkers still has a Tweet offering a chance to win free Perez-edition sunglasses if you Retweet pinned to its Twitter page as of Wednesday night.

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