Microsoft Band 2 gets Cortana on Android smartphones

The Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana on Android devices. You might be thinking “oh big whoop, who cares?” but, really, it’s a big deal. Cortana is an incredibly powerful voice assistant and, without it, the Microsoft Band 2 was a bit less powerful than it was on other platforms like Windows 10 for phones.

Now that it’s supported, however, you can call up Cortana for all sorts of things – you can set reminders by voice, check the weather and more. Sure, you can do a lot of that on the Microsoft Band already but you have to do it manually, swiping and poking around the user interface. Now, just ask Cortana to do it. Don’t worry, she’s always glad to help.

You can grab the latest Microsoft Band software in the Google Play Store (link below) to get Cortana up and running on your Microsoft Band through your Android phone now.

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