Microsoft bringing double-tap to wake feature to Windows 10 phones


Microsoft engineer Goran P. has confirmed that the company is working to bring a double-tap to wake gesture to compatible Windows 10 Mobile devices. The gesture is already found on some Androids, and it makes unlocking larger smartphones much easier.

HTC was one of the first to popularize the double-tap to wake gesture with its One series smartphones, and the feature has since been adopted by LG, BlackBerry, OnePlus, and others. Now Microsoft is bringing it to Windows 10 Mobile.

“We are working on adding the support for double tap to wake for devices that support this feature,” writes Goran P. on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub. The video below gives us a glimpse at the gesture in action on a Windows device. Note that you can also double-tap to sleep.

There’s no word on which smartphones will support the feature yet, or when Microsoft will make it available. It could arrive with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer, but confirmation that the gesture is coming will surely be enough to excite users now.

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