Million Dollar Lamborghini Crushed After Delivery Truck’s Brakes Fail

A graphic showing a Lamborghini Aventador crushed beneath a truck.

Spot the crushed Lamborghini Aventador.
Screenshot: Pepe’s Towing Service

Many people treat Lamborghinis like the rare works of art that they are, keeping them off the streets and sealed away in safety. But one Lambo owner in California will have woken up wishing they took that approach, as the Aventador that lived in their driveway has been destroyed by an out of control delivery truck.


According to Carscoops, a rare Lamborghini Aventador has met its maker. Not in the form of a crypto-hungry artist or a burning transporter ship, but instead at the hands of a delivery truck driver that lost control of their wagon.

The truck was said to be loaded up with 15,000 lbs while it was traversing a Beverly Hills street. It then lost its brakes and barreled down the road in the bougie California neighborhood with no way of stopping. But its journey came to an end when it hit the $12 million house of a “celebrity athlete”.

A photo of a delivery truck crashed into the side of a house.

Where’s the Lamborghini?
Screenshot: Pepe’s Towing Service

Barring its path to the multi-million-dollar mansion was a custom Lamborghini Aventador, which is said to be worth more than $1 million, and a Bentley. Both have come off looking ready for the scrap heap as a result of the whole ordeal. There was also a Maybach on the property, which was also damaged.

The Lamborghini and Bentley were both flattened by the truck, but the Maybach was able to be driven off the driveway following the collision.

A video of recovery effort of the truck was posted on YouTube by towing firm Pepe’s Towing Service, and it makes for some pretty tough viewing.


In the video, the mangled remains of the hypercar are seen wedged underneath the front of the truck. Recovery workers can be seen pulling the truck off the car using a rotator recovery vehicle.

A photo of a crushed Lamborghini outside an LA mansion.

There it is.
Screenshot: Pepe’s Towing Service


Once it is free from the house and back on the street, the extent of the damage is clear. The front of the truck has been flattened by the impact, while the Lamborghini looks almost unrecognizable.

In the video, there are also cameo appearances from a Range Rover and a McLaren, both of which appear to come off unscathed.


But if we’ve learned anything today, it’s that the owner will at least be able to sell all these smashed up parts as NFTs to fund the purchase of a new Lamborghini Aventador. So it’s not all bad news.

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