Mississippi says it’s still waiting on a fat $800K check from Brett Favre

Brett Favre is in tax trouble again.

Brett Favre is in tax trouble again.
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Maybe Brett Favre was just trying yet another pump fake, but looks like he’s been picked off once again.


The Hall of Fame quarterback, who took $1.1 million to do a radio public service announcement — an exorbitant amount for any radio ad, let alone a PSA — committed last year to repay the money to the state of Mississippi, whose welfare fund was defrauded in order to pay Favre that money for the radio spot and some public appearances that Favre never made.

Guess who seemingly still hasn’t paid the state of Mississippi most of the money that was meant for needy families and was misspent by the Department of Human Services?

That’s right, famous professional wrestler Ted DiBiase, also known as the Million Dollar Man.

But also Favre.

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White released a list on Tuesday of who still needs to repay the state, and how much, as the $77 million boondoggle drags on. It’s not just a list of who owes money, but who now has been served with a demand from the state to pay up: “individuals who signed off on the illegal spending … along with vendors who were paid those funds yet failed to do all the work required under their contracts.” Favre would be in the latter group.

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The former ‘gunslinger’ did pay back $500,000 last year, committing to the rest in installments. Favre Enterprises is on the hook for $828,000, the second-highest sum on the list of deadbeats. The state’s auditor’s office confirmed to Deadspin that the inflated amount is due to interest tabulated according to statute.

Not to be outdone, The Million Dollar Man’s son, Ted DiBiase Jr., “leads” the way with $3.903 million owed to the state, with Heart of David Ministries, controlled by Ted DiBiase Sr., owing $722,299, and Brett DiBiase still $225,950 in arrears.


Former University of Oklahoma star running back Marcus Dupree also is on the list, as the Philadelphia, Miss., product’s Marcus Dupree Foundation owes $789,534.

While the auditor’s office has said that there was no evidence that Favre knew the money he was paid came from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families fund, there never has been an explanation from Favre as to why he was taking more than a million bucks for what should have been a charitable cause. And, obviously, according to them, the money that Favre promised to give back to the state… still hasn’t gotten into the state’s hands.

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