Monster Truck Jumps Record Seven Other Monster Trucks

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These days, it’s hard to find something on newsfeeds that’ll make a person drop their jaw in a good way—no matter the subject matter. That, thankfully, is why we have Monster Jam.

The latest from Monster Jam, the glimmer of light in the ever-dimming tunnel of life, is a new series record set by one of its trucks at its World Finals in Orlando, Florida over the weekend. The driver, Colton Eichelberger, set the record by sailing over seven other Monster Jam trucks—look closely, those things aren’t tiny junkyard cars—to beat the previous record of six. Given how easily Eichelberger cleared them, he probably could’ve added a couple more.

Eichelberger’s jump was 144 feet, according to Monster Jam, and the six-truck record he beat was set by his father, Tom Meents, in 2016. A representative for Monster Jam said Eichelberger’s jump is “currently being submitted for official verification from Guinness World Records.” Meents’ jump, the rep said, wasn’t ever submitted to Guinness.

World records or not, though, jumping giant trucks over lines of other giant trucks is definitely why we humans were put on this Earth, and is why Monster Jam will forever be the light in our newsfeeds—for more reasons than just the in-show fireworks.

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