Movie lovers in the U.K. can now buy 4K films on Blu-ray

Sony XBR43X830C 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD

If you’ve splashed out on an Ultra HD television recently, you probably want to get your hands on as much 4K content as possible. You’re in luck if you live in the U.K., where 4K Blu-ray discs have gone on sale for the first time today.

That’s the good news, but there’s some bad news you should be aware of, too. Firstly, there are only 12 official titles available right now, according to Engadget, including Life of Pi, The Lego Movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

However, because 4K Blu-rays aren’t region-locked, you can buy more titles that have been imported from other countries on Amazon. Some of the titles there include Ghostbusters, The Amazing Spider-Man, Chappie, and Angels & Demons.

The official 4K titles can be picked up from places like HMV and Zavvi, where they’re priced at £20-£25 (approx. $28-$36). The imported titles can be snapped up for as little as £8 (approx. $11). But you don’t just need a 4K TV.

Obviously you need a 4K Blu-ray player to read these discs, too, and that’s where things get pretty eye-watering. Panasonic is the only company currently selling a 4K Blu-ray player in the U.K. — the DMP-UB900 — and it’s currently priced at a whopping £600 (approx. $854).

That’s probably more than you spent on your 4K TV itself. The good news is, Samsung is expected to launch a 4K Blu-ray player of its own soon, and recent leaks have suggested it will be much more affordable at just over £400 (approx. $569).

If that’s still out of your budget, you can already enjoy 4K content on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and the latter is free if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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