NASCAR’s ‘The Cup’ Is The Greatest Motorsport Innovation Of All Time


Forget disc brakes or forced induction or hybrid drivetrains or advances in aerodynamics, the new thing that moved society forward the most stemming from motorsport is undoubtedly this “The Cup” which allows you to chug a beer while keeping your eyesight unobstructed, therefore never missing a second of the on-track action. Somehow this happened a decade ago and we still have not found a way to make this technology trickle down from the race track to our everyday lives.

You know, people say that NASCAR doesn’t promote advancements in motorsport. It’s about as close to a spec series as you can get, and the cars still made use of outdated carburetor technology until 2012! But never more can it be said that NASCAR hasn’t contributed to the ascension of humanity. This is important stuff that even Formula One can’t match.


The age old question of how to pour several ounces of alcohol down your gullet while enjoying the gift of sight to its fullest potential has been answered. And strangely it was answered ten years ago!

No one person should have all that power. The ability to chug and see at the same time? Unfathomable. It’s no wonder the big beverage container industry had this one mothballed.

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