Netflix and leave me alone this Halloween

Netflix is back at it with another DIY project. First, we had the Netflix Socks that sense when you doze off and hit pause on those binge-watching sessions. Now it’s a Netflix Halloween Doorbell that conveniently tells your trick or treaters to take candy from an illuminated tub of candy because you are busy sitting on your couch enjoying Netflix. The screen will display the necessary commands or messages while a speaker plays some awesome audio clips from Stranger Things or Black Mirror. Sorry, Barb.

Netflix makes it seem pretty easy, though to get the full affect it looks like you’ll need more than a MacGyvered box with some chewing gum and a pocket knife. Netflix has required materials and some optional ones, like a speaker or sonar. Yes, Sonar.

It’s perfect for cranky people.

What you’ll need:

  • Arduino Pro Trinket 5 or 3v
  • Battery (at least 1000 mAh)
  • MP3 player
  • Button
  • Headphone jack
  • Battery charger
  • Switch
  • Screen
  • MicroSD
  • 3MM white LEDs (x10, optional)
  • Speaker (optional)
  • Sonar (optional)

Just download the instructions in the link below, including fancy Stranger Things or Black Mirror faceplates, and start building. It looks like you’d benefit from having a few other tools handy to make your new Netflix doorbell pretty, like a CNC router or a 3D printer.

I might just have to give this a try this Halloween. Then again, no one comes trick or treating to my place, so there’s that.

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