Nextbit Robin beta tester program unveiled

Own a Nextbit Robin? Dig the brand? Me too. Now you can help the company with its new software by participating in its newly announced beta tester program. You’ll get software releases before anyone else.

“As a member of the beta program, you have an opportunity to be included in various studies with direct access to the Nextbit team,” Nextbit explained in a blog post announcing the news. “You’ll have a chance to use features that haven’t been released to the public. However, keep in mind the beta program is not intended as a way to quick way to cut to the front of the line for new software.”

Nextbit admits that this isn’t for the faint of heart, though. You need to be willing to take risks, knowing that early software could be buggy, all for the sake of helping Nexbit build more stable software for its users. In other words, don’t jump on board for the sole purpose of trying new software – jump on if you want to help build something better by providing feedback to the bugs you notice.

Nextbit has a form to fill out if you’re willing to help. Hit the source for more.

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