Nexus Player no longer being sold by Google

Google has officially stopped selling its Nexus Player. Following multiple reports the set-top box was out of stock through the Google Store, the search giant has confirmed it has stopped selling the device. Your only option is to find it at a third-party retailer.

Google has had a rather tumultuous relationship with the living room, offering devices like the ill-fated Nexus Q and Google TV, a platform that was officially discontinued in 2014. After that, the Nexus Player was released in late 2014 following the introduction of Android TV, a new smart TV platform based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

To be clear, Android TV is still alive; Google has simply decided it’s time to move on from the Nexus Player. With devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Box heading stateside, it’s clear the Nexus Player has become long in the tooth anyway.

According to a statement from Google provided to The Verge, the search giant is very pleased with Android TV’s performance, saying there have been “millions of activations so far.” However, with Google I/O in the rearview and no Nexus Player replacement on the horizon, it’s unclear where the search giant plans to take its set-top box platform.

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