NFC East looks worse than cafeteria chicken nuggets, Hopkins sons Bills DBs, and Wilson drops out of MVP race

Russ goes down.

Russ goes down.
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Another week, another NFL Sunday is in the books.

Thankfully, week 10 of the NFL season saw no positive tests for COVID-19 and we got to see outstanding performances from some of the league’s best players.


Let’s take a look at some of the biggest storylines from week 10 of the NFL.

Eagles vs. Giants

The sad reality is someone has to win this division. After their win in the Meadowlands on Sunday versus the Eagles, the Giants are now tied for the most wins in the division with 3. Yes, only three. You can get more items in a Wendy’s kids meal than a team in this division has wins. The fact that the Giants and the Eagles are now battling for a playoff spot despite having rosters with the talent level of the Kardashian family is something that just won’t sit well with me. Please tell me what good it does for football fans to see Jim Carrey’s long lost son behind center for New York in a playoff game. Please tell me how entertaining it would be to see Carson Wentz turn the football over like a pancake at IHOP against a good defense. I would get down into the breakdown of the game, but all you need to know is that one team was more trash than the other yesterday. However, I will give the Giants credit that they have started to look like they have the potential of playing better than a Christian private school’s JV team. A defense that couldn’t figure out how to turn ice into water has suddenly learned how to slow down opposing offenses. The Giants have the most potential of any team in this division.


Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t saying much considering the division is as wack as drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade at a Bachelor’s party.

If it were up to me, the NFL should clearly just void this division of a playoff berth and give an additional spot to the NFC West. Three teams in that division deserve to get that playoff bonus. Teams in the NFC East barely deserve a certificate of participation.

Bills vs. Cardinals

This was by far the best game of the day between two really good teams. As everyone has probably seen by now DeAndre Hopkins is a man playing amongst toddlers and he made three Buffalo defenders look like they still watch Dora the Explorer in their free time after his game-winning Moss on Sunday. It’s one of the most impressive catches I’ve ever seen by a wide receiver and is the catch of the year so far in the league. Hopkins treated those guys from the Bills like his name was on their birth certificates. I’ve said this before and I’m more serious about this than a church mother directing a children’s Christmas play, Hopkins should have the poster of that catch framed in his home immediately and then he should make a duplicate just to sign it and send it to the Bills practice facility. When you do something this great that’s the only way to commemorate the moment.


As for the game itself, both teams showed why they are legit. Josh Allen and Kyler Murray combined for 5 touchdowns throughout the game. Both defenses had impressive glimpses of dominance during the game. The Bills held the explosive Arizona offense in check for the whole first half and the Cardinals’ defense forced Josh Allen into two crucial interceptions.

Both of these teams deserve to be in the playoffs based on their play so far this season and either could be a surprise Super Bowl contender.


Seahawks vs Rams

This was a crucial game in the NFC West standings. The Seahawks traveled down to LA to take on the Rams in hopes of extending their division lead. Needless to say, they didn’t happen. The Rams essentially controlled this game throughout, they never gave up the lead after the first quarter even though it was mostly a one possession game throughout the contest. The Rams defense forced wannabe Christian youth pastor Russell Wilson into another subpar game. Wilson threw two interceptions yesterday and didn’t throw a touchdown pass. The loss against the Rams adds to the list of performances that have halted his MVP campaign in recent weeks. Wilson also didn’t receive much help from his playmakers. Seattle wide receiver DK Metcalf, who is one of the brightest stars in the league, was basically shut down by Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey shut down Metcalf like Netflix did Blockbuster. Metcalf had only 2 catches for 28 yards in the game and was covered by Ramsey on 30 routes. Ramsey made Metcalf about as obsolete T-Mobile’s cellular service in a metal building.


There is still a long way to go for both of these teams but the race for the playoffs is starting to heat up.

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