NFL RedZone Previews, Part 1: Every Touchdown? From Every Game? Really?

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Non-RedZone games: 9/20 at Packers, 11/25 vs. Bears

Vegas O/U: 4.5 or 5 wins

Does that make sense? Yes, because unlike a lot of last year’s garbage teams, the Lions don’t have a particularly easy schedule, thanks to being in the NFC North and facing the entire NFC West and AFC North. The ceiling is probably 6-11, but also the ceiling is reachable because it’s only 6-11.

Best fantasy player: TE T.J. Hockenson

Vibes: The combination of a difficult schedule and a bad roster make things very challenging for Dan Campbell, because when you hire a weirdo to be your head coach, you need to show immediate signs that the weirdness works and everyone buys in. When you start 1-4, which seems extremely likely given the SF-GB-BAL-CHI-MIN start of the schedule, well, it very quickly becomes “this guy is a weirdo and we’re sick of dealing with this.” Also, the Rams went to a Super Bowl with Jared Goff, had a lot invested in him, and decided, nope, we’re not actually gonna win with him.

TL;DR: Decent candidate for the league’s worst record, while merely losing 10 games would represent wildly overperforming.

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