NHL Hurricanes don’t know who sad MAGA Bro is

The Carolina Hurricanes went full “I don’t know her” on sad MAGA bro Dawson Buchanan.

The Carolina Hurricanes went full “I don’t know her” on sad MAGA bro Dawson Buchanan.
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Way back in 2019, Twitter user @maplecocaine said that, every day, there is one main character on Twitter. Your goal, every day, is to NOT be that character. Enter Dawson Buchanan.

Dawson is upset because he was terminated from his upcoming job at the private charter jet company PJS, which he was really excited about. They sent him a laptop! He bought new clothes! Unfair!


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Of course, Dawson views this as “bullying,” rather than what it is: a private company trying to protect its reputation and avoid having to explain to its customers why they hired a guy who enabled a malignant, mob-inciting fascist. Gotta hate that “at-will employment,” are we right? In fact, We’re pretty sure that one political party tends to support this concept more than the other. Who knew.

And then, milkshake duck showed up, as he always does. To the extent you can milkshake duck someone who voluntarily worked for Trump.


Turns out, Dawson played a “key” role in Trump’s reëlection committee, coordinating travel and venues for a guy who took newborn babies away from their mothers and put children in cages, which makes Dawson’s “I didn’t do anything wrong” plea ring hollow.


After Dawson spent all morning blaming the NHL in general, and the Carolina Hurricanes in particular, for the fact that he is no longer excited for a job he no longer has, the Canes responded from the top rope.


But of course, there’s more. Isn’t there always?.

Dawson, who seems both willing and capable of playing the victim card, left out a tiny, insignificant detail: He was at the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6. Twitter had a field day pulling Dawson’s Trump-sympathizing receipts.


Who knows, man, maybe if you weren’t actively associated not only with Donald Trump, but were also part of the group of lackeys that attempted a coup on the United States government, your employer — who is not the NHL or the Carolina Hurricanes — wouldn’t have felt the need to terminate your employment. Actions have consequences, kid. Sorry that the biased treatment of a white supremacist in chief couldn’t protect you this time.

If there’s one thing all these aggrieved white guys have in common, it’s a feeling of entitlement to anything they want, followed by shock and dismay when they learn their actions have consequences. Sad!

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