Nintendo Switch accessory prices announced, Joy-Con will cost $80

All the big details of the Nintendo Switch are finally out there. The price, the release date, and Zelda confirmed as a launch game. But this is a Nintendo console, so there are tons of accessories right at launch, and the prices are available now on the Nintendo Switch site. And some of them might rankle you.

The Joy-Con controllers come alone or in pairs, and in grey, red, and blue. If you’re picking up a pair, you can pick them up as two grey Joy-Con controllers, two red, two blue, or one each of the brightly colored variants. To pick up the pair, including the wrist strap, you’ll be dropping a hefty $80. If you just need a single controller – these things are sure to get lost – you’ll be looking at $50. The Pro controller might be the heftiest of all, though. With the Joy-Con pair, you’re getting $20 knocked off the price of buying two separately. The Pro controller, on its own, weighs in at $70.

The Joy-Con charging grip – which also comes with the system – is $30 on its own. Picking up a secondary dock will set you back $90. There’s also a steering wheel for $14.99.

With all the features packed into these tiny controllers, the price actually seems pretty reasonable. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to blush at the price tag when we’re at the register.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, 2017.

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