Nintendo talks Switch’s battery life, while rumors point to 3 hours max

Nintendo has elected to stay mum on the specifics regarding the newly unveiled Nintendo Switch. We don’t know much in terms of power, storage capacity, games or, well, anything.

We do know that the Switch will let gamers take console-quality titles on the go. What will that require in terms of battery life?

Speaking with Famitsu, as translated by Perfectly Nintendo, the company offered that they aim to let players play as long as possible, comfortably, without immediate access to an outlet. That’s an exceedingly vague answer, and, in fact, you could apply it to any product that requires a battery.

Comfortable duration of charge is always the goal, right?

Nintendo Switch’s battery life is currently 3 hours, max, says rumor.

While Nintendo’s not going into specifics, anonymous sources are. Remember, these are developers with access to dev kit prototypes. These are not final retail builds, so specs can and will change.

One Ubisoft source told Let’s Play Video Games that the Nintendo Switch offers a maximum battery life of three hours. A Nintendo source said that its battery life is “mediocre.”

Three hours is short of what I’d prefer, personally, but I get the challenge. What do you think?

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