Nissan NISMOed Everything For Tokyo Auto Salon

It’s not terribly surprising that Nissan would bring a NISMO GT-R to the Tokyo Auto Salon, but it was somewhat of a surprise that most of Nissan’s booth was NISMO. Including a NISMO Fairlady Z, a NISMO Juke, and a NISMO March!

OK, so I can understand why performance versions of the GT-R and the Fairlady Z would make sense. They’re already sports cars, so adding performance packages does seem to be, well, normal.

However, I’m not exactly sold on idea of performance modifications for the crossover Juke. Of course, adding performance to vehicles we wouldn’t normally consider to be performance vehicles is pretty Jalop. So… Good going Nissan?

As far as the NISMO March is concerned, I’m all about those super-minis. While I have never been a huge fan of the March’s design language, I’m definitely a fan of adding as much performance as possible to super-minis, and if that means NISMO-ing the March, this is something I can enthusiastically support.

Nismo All The Things!

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