No Car Mod Will Ever Be As Good As This

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While I’m not normally one for car mods, I can respect the cultural incentives that drive people to create masterpieces of technology and aesthetics. But now, I’ve changed my mind. Everyone needs to pack up and go home, because this one person has created the car mod to end all car mods.


Save your comments for after you’ve basked in its glory:

Now, to further build on the fact that I know extremely little about the world of car modifications, a quick Google search revealed that this is something called a “hydraulic truck bed,” and it is a niche part of lowrider culture in some areas.

I am fully astounded. I mean, just look at this:

There’s even a whole compilation of cars doing a little hydraulic dance, which has entertained me for hours on end:

Most of these other videos I watched are of stationary vehicles, though, or of vehicles driving at low speeds in a parade-type situation. No one decided to send their truck beds through a pirouette in the middle of a highway.

Presumably the whole “truck bed floating around on the highway” thing breaks some sort of law — possibly even a whole host of laws. I don’t care. If you’re going to have a sick car, you might as well fully send it any time you have the chance.

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Another quick Google search brought me to a few Desirable Ones mini truck groups, which is what’s written on the windshield here — and where the original video was posted. It looks like a whole group of folks who mod their cars in similar ways and travel around to exhibitions and car shows to flaunt their wares. I respect it.

I have decided that this is it. I’ve known about lowrider culture, vaguely, for all my life. But now is my time to learn more.

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