No, Evan Fournier does not quite look like that

Evan Fournier (L) and a video game rendering of someone who looks nothing like him.

Evan Fournier (L) and a video game rendering of someone who looks nothing like him.
Illustration: EA Sports/Getty

If you have watched NBA or international basketball at any point over the last several years, chances are, you’ve seen what Evan Fournier looks like. You know, Evan Fournier, the shooting guard formerly of the Orlando Magic for several seasons before being traded to the Boston Celtics this season, then signing with the New York Knicks earlier this month?


Yeah, the shooting guard. That dude. The one who is about 6-foot-7 and has averaged 14.3 points per game while shooting splits of 45/38/81 from the field, three-point range, and the free-throw line during his entire nine-year career? That Evan Fournier? Okay, you probably didn’t know that precisely, but you at least know that he’s in the league, he’s a solid player, and he looks a certain way.

Got it? Cool. Well, the looks a certain way thing wasn’t exactly captured extremely well in a leak from NBA Live Mobile 22 that surfaced today. Though, it should be noted, the game doesn’t yet have an official release date.

Fournier, to his credit, took great exception to his NBA Live model earlier today.

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People had been going headfirst for the obviously more prominent NBA 2K series in lieu of this leak and Fournier’s reaction, but were corrected that it was actually his model for NBA Live Mobile, by Ronnie “2K” Singh, who is the game’s digital marketing director and one of the foremost names associated with the famed and longstanding franchise.


And, unfortunately, if you compare it to how Fournier reportedly looks in the forthcoming NBA 2K22 game that hits the streets next month, the difference would be obvious. Fournier could have a problem with how he looks in 2K as well, but he didn’t say so. Hopefully he knows enough to have made the distinction. All gamers know that both titles have room for improvement, one just much more so than the other.

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