No trophy is worthy of a presentation unless it’s the KBO sword

The NC Dinos have the power.

The NC Dinos have the power.
Photo: (Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but I think I just saw the greatest sports trophy … ever?


Fuck the Stanley Cup. This KBO sword is the GOAT of championship trophies.

The NC Dinos won the Korean Series today beating the Doosan Bears in six games. What does the winner get? A massive sword.


And it’s glorious.

This is the only championship trophy that deserves a grand reveal.

The NHL can stop using the same two guys to bring out the Stanley’s Cup. The Larry O’Brien Trophy can be placed in the winning team’s locker room. And the World Cup can be shipped to the champion.


Nothing will ever compare to this sword.

So if you don’t have a trophy as badass as this one, I’m not interested in the postgame ceremony anymore.


I don’t know how long the KBO has been giving out the sword, but if there was a year to learn about KBO teams and rituals, 2020 would be it.


The league was one of the first in the world to resume play in a pandemic. That’s largely because South Korea, who reported their first COVID case on the same day as the United States, managed to slow the spread well enough for professional sports to resume.

So in early May, ESPN decided to broadcast the KBO. There was practically nothing else going on in sports. And no US team league would play until late June, when the NWSL took the field for the Challenge Cup in Utah.


If you were up early enough and desperate for spring sports, you could watch the KBO halfway around the world. And millions of Americans did.

It’s only fitting that in the KBO’s most visible year we would get to see the championship sword go viral.


American leagues, step your trophy game up.

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