Noah Syndergaard and Mike Francesa got into some Twitter beef over the weekend and yes, it’s glorious

This is a recent image of the person Mike Francesa has compared himself to.

This is a recent image of the person Mike Francesa has compared himself to.
Image: Getty Images

There are times when watching people argue on social media isn’t depressing or infuriating. When it’s not about whether marginalized groups of people deserve rights or if the scientific method is anti-freedom, watching two grown people argue in front of the entire world can be quite amusing — especially if one of the participants is a 67-year-old Mike Francesa.


It started with what Francesca normally does on Twitter: launch sports takes into cyberspace with no interest in engaging with anyone besides himself. On Friday, his target was former New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Angels. Francesa tweeted out that the Mets are better off without him, and had already been without the oft-injured pitcher for years.

Syndergaard saw this and did not appreciate the criticism so he replied, “Damn, didn’t know you were still alive. Congrats.”

Maybe this was a shot at Francesa not hosting a radio show for more than a year? Regardless, the pope wasn’t going to take this disrespect, but in true narcissistic fashion he didn’t even reply back or quote tweet. Francesa sent another new tweet, that didn’t even acknowledge Syndergaard in the second person. The tweet read: “I competed every day for 35 years (and won) in my chosen profession in the greatest city in the world. Noah whined and ran away.”

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Francesa responding like he’s an actual athlete and also bragging that he, a radio personality, stuck it out in New York City, is too perfect. Obviously hosting a radio program in the No. 1 media market in America is the equivalent of playing for the Mets. Syndergaard replied this time that Francesa is a gasbag Mets hater, which is unfair to Francesa. He is a gasbag hater of many teams and players, especially guys like Odell Beckham, Jr., who are “nothing but nothing but trouble.”


What I do need to happen from here on is for the entire sports world to check Francesa’s Twitter profile daily and see if he talks about them. If so, then let it fly right back at him. Beckham going back and forth like Shannon Sharpe and D.K. Metcalf would be great. Or what if Joe Buck saw Francesa’s criticism about broadcasters not differentiating between World Series and playoff stats, and came back with “Well I know what Fox differentiates between, World Series broadcasters and guys who should be drinking Diet Coke on the couch.”

This is what Francesa should spend his days doing from now on, arguing with people in sports on Twitter without ever actually acknowledging them, because the whole world is Francesa’s microphone, we’re all just ears put on this planet to listen to him.

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