Bronny James gets sneaker jacked by TikTok star

Better luck next time, Bronny,

Better luck next time, Bronny,
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The weekend before Thanksgiving wasn’t the best for the NBA’s royal family. LeBron James was involved in an altercation on the court in Detroit over the weekend. Then Bronny James was forced to hand over a fresh pair of Nikes to TikTok star “NeverMissAllie” because she beat him in a free-throw shooting contest.


If you haven’t heard of NevermissAllie, she has quite the following on TikTok and Instagram and has developed a knack for hustling dudes out of shoes with her sharpshooting prowess. Over the summer, she hoop-jacked Quinn Cook for $1,000 in a free throw shooting contest. NevermissAllie is becoming the Suge Knight of TikTok. Instead of highjacking cats for their music publishing, she’s making them come up off stacks of money and sneakers. It’s a cold hustle, but I can’t knock it.

Bronny was only the latest dude to have his feelings hurt by NevermissAllie. I must give a little credit to Bronny as he was willing to accept the challenge and paid his debt after losing. The pair of shoes James lost is said to cost around $2,000. Luckily, he’s got a direct Nike plug, so it should be no issue replacing that pair of sneakers.

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NevermissAllie is collecting everywhere, and it’s not just for the Gram either. She’s big on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. She won’t need to work anywhere if she keeps this up and these guys keep falling into her trap. I actually thought Bronny would hang in there after his first few shots, then came the clanking. Allie stepped to the line first and barely missed a shot.


If she could somehow get LeBron to take on her challenge, it would not only blow up her social media pages but would damn near shut down the internet. The memes that would come from that matchup and jokes would be endless for about a week. That’s who I want to see take on NevermissAllie next. LeBron James. The wager for this one should be Russell Westbrook’s roster spot for the rest of the season. I think that’s fair, and if Allie loses… from the looks of it, she probably won’t, so we aren’t going to worry about that part for now. The ball is in your court now NevermissAllie, you’ve got to get LeBron to accept your challenge.

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