These Two Riders Take A Pair Of Zero Dual Sports On A 1,000 Mile Off-Road Journey

One of my favorite parts of the human condition is pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Not everyone has that drive, but I’d venture that most people who ride motorcycles or enjoy off-roading adventures does. And particularly those people who enjoy off-roadingmotorcycle adventures. When life throws an opportunity at this type of folks, namely climbing aboard a pair of Zero DSR Black Forest electric dual sports, they don’t hesitate to jump on it. So when the Electric Cycle Rider YouTube folks had that opportunity, they did, too.


Pack your bags and click the play button, we’re going on an adventure. You know, digitally. Through the internet. On your screen. Maybe that’s the best way to do this adventure, by living vicariously through their exploits, because then you don’t have to put up with camping in the rain, riding motorcycles through the biting cold snow, or experience the range anxiety of electric motorcycles through the Rocky Mountains.

Now that you’ve watched their big adventure, let’s chat about it a little. I have a little experience with these bikes and riding them off road. It’s an exciting experience, but I would not want to have to rely on the public charging infrastructure in that area of the country to get back and forth across the trail. Running a couple hundred miles per day is a pretty good way to travel, because you can stop and take in the scenery, but without the ability to pack extra fuel/energy with you is nerve wracking.

I hadn’t ever really thought about the DSR as being the kind of bike you could do a 1000 mile off-road tour on, as I planned my two-day trip on one as an out-and-back run. Showing that this is even an option is really cool, and comparing the difference between gas riding and electric riding is maybe the best part. “It’s okay to go slow” which I totally believe to be true. Life is probably better when you go slow. Try it sometime.

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