Nothing Is More Oddly Satisfying Than Watching This Guy Painstakingly Clean A Mitsubishi


I’m struggling to think of a relevant metaphor for this but I can’t. There’s no parallel for someone so thoroughly, lovingly, painstakingly clean something so unseen and unappreciated as the engine bay of a 1990s Mitsubishi hatchback.

I guess it might be like watching someone polish the unseen pipes in their house plumbing, but even then that’s a stretch.

Watch as this genuine expert car detailer puts his considerable skill, worthy of a Ferrari, to work on this Mitsubishi Colt. Tell me it doesn’t feel like a little bit of your soul gets cleaned along with it.


He sprays everything down with foam, then scrubs the first loosened layer of foamy dirt with not one but two detailing brushes.

He pressure-washes everything, lets it dry before de-greasing “so that you’re not spraying the product onto a soaking wet engine bay and potentially diluting its cleaning power,” he intones with spiritual reverence.

More brushing with the first brush. More brushing with the second brush. More brushing from a third brush, not-before-seen brush. Look at this care. I have cared more for anything in my life as this guy is caring for the engine cover of a 16-valve Mitsubishi four-cylinder.


He washes again, but doesn’t bask in the moment. He immediately sprays on a detailing finisher while the engine is still wet, brushes it, and then buffs with a microfiber towel. A regular towel? No way in hell, you heathen. This Mitsubishi deserves the best.

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