Online-Based Ridesharing Mobility-as-a-Service Platform for Sale

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A new mobility platform with an iconic brand and innovative approach to scalable modality is for sale, CNN reports. The service, which boasts nearly 17 million yearly active users, uses a web-and-app-based purchasing platform to coordinate new mobility solutions using large transportation modules in a highly scalable, environmentally-friendly platform that reduces urban congestion.

The modules require only a single partner for operation while serving up to 55 at a time. This 55x return is unparalleled in the Mobility-as-a-Service field, which largely focuses on categories where a single partner typically transports one other person per trip, or a fleet of partners charge and maintain personal mobility vehicles for single-occupancy, short-distance service with short lifespans.

In contrast to the low durability other platforms offer, this platform’s large transportation modules are highly durable with average lifespans of 12 years. This combination of partner-to-rider multiplier and demonstrated module longevity affords ample opportunity for highly competitive prices for modality solutions of varying distances.

The platform has also made recent investments to enhance on-board amenities, such as leather reclining seats and on-board WiFi. This provides a best-in-class luxurious, full self-driving experience for convenient, stress-free travel unmatched by small vehicle or airborne solutions. By using existing rights-of-way and operating under an established regulatory framework, the platform offers a flexible route structure by an industry-leading innovator.

It has demonstrated rapid pivoting responding to consumer demand to stay relevant in the digital age and has strong brand recognition with the coveted millennial demographic. Furthermore, few other new mobility services have the brand identity this platform offers.


With little long-term risk, this platform offers investors a certainty few othernew mobility companies can. Further, the platform operated at a profit in 2018, another distinguishing factor from virtuallyall of its new mobilitycompetitors.

The bidding will start at $40 billion.

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