People Are Throwing Cheese At Cars As Part Of A Silly TikTok Challenge

Gif: Sutter Insanity / YouTube

TikTok is home to weird vehicular content from bad advice for surviving plane crashes to a guy seemingly magically sliding across his floor. One weird TikTok challenge has people across the nation tossing slices of cheese at babies and passing cars.


In Anderson Township, Ohio, Fox 19 News reports, one person took his kids out to catch a school bus. Along the way, he found that his truck had a slice of American cheese stuck to it. He later discovered that his neighbors all had cheese stuck to their cars.

Down in Central Texas, drivers are finding cheese baked onto their paint and windows, reports 6 News. Some drivers are mad but many are just confused. I mean, who throws cheese at a car?

Like many silly trends, TikTok is partially to blame, and it isn’t even new. Here’s a compilation of people doing it, at least that motorcyclist seems amused.

TikTok users, many of them teens, take part in a “challenge” to toss slices of cheese onto things. It often involves throwing cheese at babies but others decide to throw them at everything from cars and SUVs to buses and even motorcycles.

Some stories, like the 6 News report, say that the cheese may also indicate that you’re in danger of abduction. But as Snopes notes, there’s no real evidence to support this other than a TikTok user claiming it.

It’s not entirely harmless, either. Let that cheese bake in under the hot sun and you have yourself a mess to deal with. And as 6 News notes, cheeses with more acids in them could damage your paint. But I guess it’s better than getting egged?


Philly Voice reports that some teens were charged with disorderly conduct after covering a home and two cars in cheese slices. The trend has spread to Canada and the RCMP warns that people who throw stuff at cars can be charged as well.

Look, teens, don’t throw cheese at cars. Pranks can be fun, but not if you’re making others’ days worse. And please don’t get life advice from TikTok.

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