Philadelphia Driver Goes Several Miles on Interstate Without Tires

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Vehicles, like any other functioning entities, are made up of different parts that work to operate the whole. Some of those parts are necessary, some aren’t, and some aren’t required but are highly recommended. Tires are around the top of the list in that last category, but it looks like someone didn’t get the memo.

Philadelphia station WPVIreports that a driver on a local Interstate Tuesday was rolling around without tires, evidently conducting a real-world test of how imperative that whole “highly recommended” qualifier is. State police told the station they got several calls about it that morning, and that the driver, who wasn’t named in the report, went at least five miles with the car like that.


From WPVI, which didn’t have many details on the incident:

State police said they received multiple calls reporting a driver behind the wheel of a car with no tires on I-95 Tuesday morning.

According to officials, the driver had been traveling on I-95 southbound for approximately ten minutes on just the rims of the BMW convertible.


Police said the driver is being tested for DUI after they were “combative” when pulled over, the New York Daily News reports, but it wasn’t just the driver and their car affected by the ordeal—running around on just rims spewed concrete and debris, other drivers reported via the WPVI story, which they said flew up from the roadway and toward their cars.

When it comes to vehicles or any other functioning entities on this planet, especially the mechanical ones, stick to the general rules: The necessary parts are necessary, the “highly recommended” parts are also probably necessary, and the unnecessary parts—you know, the ones that only affect you, like air conditioning—are completely your choice.

Spewing your own sweat at people is far better and easier to mend than spewing chunks of roadway at their cars, after all. Probably.

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