PlayStation VR price leaks through Swiss retailer, cheaper than Oculus Rift… but not much

Three Swiss retailers have leaked a potential pricing point for the PlayStation VR headset, and it’s going to set gamers back a bit. Not quite as much as the $599 Oculus Rift mind you, but not exactly on the cheap front either. Just a reminder, these prices are far from official and hardly cement anything, but the leaks clock in at €450-€500 through retailers Brack, Techmania, and

When exchanged into American dollars, that comes out to roughly $435-$544, or £342-£380 in the UK. It falls within the promised “price of a new console” range, but many also assumed that Sony was going to light up the Oculus Rift with a substantially lower price. Depending on which end of the spectrum the States’ retail falls on, you’ll either be saving $164, the price of three games, or a mere $55, not even the price of one.

I’m going to aim for the middle ground and guess that Sony has settled on a $499 price tag. I was originally expecting $399, but after these leaks, I’m not so sure.

There’s also the price of the PlayStation 4 console to consider, but that is much cheaper than the high end PC you’ll need to run the Rift.

No matter the spin or the platform of your choice, VR is going to be an expensive hobby to get into, and as someone who is not yet sold on the whole shebang altogether, the entry point is still a little too high.

Until it reaches my arbitrary comfort zone, I’m more than happy to live vicariously through your experiences and save myself the nausea and puke stains on my carpet.

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