Please Stop Filming Your Young Children Driving Cars

Image via New York Daily News screengrab

This is a 7-year-old boy driving a car on public roads, according to reports. But wait! There’s more! This is also a 7-year-old boy driving with one hand, and he appears to not have a seatbelt on. Parents, don’t let your underage children drive on public roads. And please, please don’t film it to post on social media.


The Associated Press reports that authorities in Florida charged a mother with child neglect and allowing an unauthorized person to drive a motor vehicle after she filmed her son driving through an Orlando neighborhood. According to the AP, the woman, 34-year-old Kwaniqua Glenn, posted the video on social media, where a school resource deputy saw it.

No one was injured and police arrested Glenn on Thursday, according to the AP.

In the video, the boy questions why his mom has to record him. According to the New York Daily News, police investigations concluded that it wasn’t the boy’s idea to drive:


Glenn, 25, allegedly met the boy at an Altamonte Springs bus stop, after which she instructed him to get behind the wheel of her car and drive through the neighborhood, officials said.

The boy drove a third of a mile at an average speed of about 28 miles per hour, an investigation revealed.

As we learned last week, it is a bad idea to let your child behind the wheel of your car—especially your beloved Holden Commodore. It is a worse idea to film it and put it on the internet, because police will likely serve up your punishment in less time than the 15 minutes of fame you got to enjoy because of the post.



Please, parents. Don’t give into hopes that your unsafe video will go viral. Don’t do it for the Vine. Don’t do it for the Facebook. Don’t do it for the Twitter. Don’t even do it for the Snapchat.

Tell your kids to sit back and wait until they’re legal to drive, because a decade will go by quickly enough.

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