Pre-Teen Girl Allegedly Steals Car From Grandma, Leads Wild Police Chase

Photo via ABC13 dash-cam footage

A 12-year-old girl allegedly led Texas police on a chase reaching around 100 mph on Thursday, driving her grandmother’s car and with a 5-year-old as her passenger. There were no injuries, but the girl reportedly drove on the wrong side of the road and hit several cars—all in an effort to go visit her boyfriend.

The chase lasted about 40 miles in the Texas county of Montgomery, according to Houston news station KPRC2. A dash-cam video caught part of the chase, before police reportedly called the General Motors OnStar center to have the grandmother’s 2014 Chevy Cruze shut off remotely.


A clearer version of the video can be found at KPRC2.

Police got word of the underage driver when her grandmother called to report the two girls—and her car—as missing, and ABC13 reports that she believed the girls to be kidnapped at the time of the call. That’s when the chase began—at 5:30 p.m. local time and in the middle of rush-hour traffic.


On the quest to visit her boyfriend, footage shows the 12 year old driving into the wrong lane and off of the shoulder on that side of the road. According to ABC13, she also ran a few red lights. A spokesperson for the Montgomery Police Department said the girl “hit multiple vehicles” to cause minor damage during the chase, and a witness told KPRC2 that the car took one of her mirrors off.

The car came to a stop near a local high school. KPRC2 reported that the 5-year-old passenger was in the front seat of the car, while ABC13 said she was in the backseat during the chase.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like a police chase was her idea. From KPRC2:

“The younger girl was terrified. Went right into the arms of our officer when it was over,” Montgomery Police Chief Jim Napolitano said Friday.

Police took the 12-year-old girl into custody and charged her with theft of property over $30,000, per KPRC2. Other charges are pending, and KPRC2 reports that she’s at Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center until she appears in court on Tuesday.


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