Prepare Your Bodies, Our LeManstravaganza Menu Will Ruin You

When we said we were planning a 24-hour party for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, we didn’t just promise to show you the race. We promised to feed you. It’s going to be insane.

As a refresher, we’re throwing a 24-hour party, presented by Porsche, that will involve trivia and racing and games and cars and prizes and the brotherhood/sisterhood of man. It’ll also include food. RSVP here, but here’s a brief rundown of what to expect.

Breakfast #1 at 8:30 AM on Saturday, June 18th



  • Raspberry Marscapone Croissant French Toast
  • Cinnamon Challah French Toast
  • Dark Chocolate Nutella French Toast “Strata”
  • Assorted Berries
  • Maple Syrup
  • Sweet Butter
  • Honey
  • Whipped Cream
  • Toasted Macadamia Nuts
  • Vanilla Sauce

EGGS, Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Orange and Grapefruit Juice


Coffee and teas

Bacon so crisp you have to wear hearing protection to eat it

Lunch at 12:00 PM on Saturday, June 18th

Buttermilk Fried Chicken


Pork BBQ Sliders

Country-style ribs rubbed with only the finest spices

Mac and Cheese

Watermelon Salad

Cole Slaw

Corn Salad (the best kind of salad)

Dinner at 6:00 PM on Saturday, June 18th



What else would you possibly need?

At a dark moment in the AM when even John Hindhaugh doesn’t know if he can go on:

An Ice Cream Sundae Bar so jam packed with sweets your grandchildren will get cavities.

Breakfast #2 at 8:00 AM on Sunday, June 19th

There will be pastries and all sorts of good stuff, but most importantly there will be coffee. Mountains and mountains of coffee.

So, yeah, RSVP before we run out of space. Things are only getting better here at Jalopnik.

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