Ram May Be Bringing The 1500 OTG Concept To Reality

Way back in the Before Times, those halcyon days of 2019, Ram Trucks brought an overland-focused build to SEMA. It was called the 1500 Rebel OTG (Off-The-Grid), and Ram had it decked out in the usual array of accessories — from its rooftop tent down to its beadlock wheels. But a few of those accessories were only labelled as “Mopar concepts” — concepts that now seem to be approaching reality.


Car and Driver noticed a patent filing from Stellantis yesterday, one that showed a Ram decked out in some neat off-road kit. The truck in the illustration appears to be wearing a new front bumper with a winch, a unique grille, a snorkel, and a rear bumper that moves the exhaust tips from the rear of the truck to the side. Sound familiar?

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Let’s look back at the list of “Mopar concept accessories” that Ram stacked on to the original 1500 Rebel OTG concept:

The OTG concept also includes Mopar concept accessories, such as a front bumper with integrated winch, a larger grille with flow-through R-A-M badging and a functional snorkel air intake to improve off-road capability and performance. Front- and rear-wheel flares and step assist rock rails have been installed to protect the vehicle while traversing rough terrain. A concept rear bumper, adapted from the Ram 1500 Tradesman, improves the departure angle of the truck by relocating the exhaust.

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Of course, a patent filing isn’t a guarantee that a new model will reach showroom floors, but it’s certainly a step in that direction. With the popularity of overlanding, it’s no surprise Mopar wants to get in on those sweet, sweet aftermarket accessory dollars. So, don’t be surprised next time you go to the mall and find one of these parked dead center between four spots — you were warned.

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