Random gift from YouTube: A surprise unboxing

Who doesn’t love random gifts? Those gifts are even more awesome when they’re from YouTube. Recently, we received a special package from the video giant and had no idea what it was. As is the case with most special unboxings, we decided to document the experience. It turns out it’s a pretty sweet gift.

Around July of last year, TechnoBuffalo’s YouTube channel was lucky enough to surpass 1 million subscribers. That big milestone earned us a much-coveted Gold Play Button. Now the nice folks over at YouTube sent us a yearbook to commemorate how special last year was. It features some of TechnoBuffalo’s biggest moments in 2015 in a cool timeline along with other YouTube channels that also broke the 1 million barrier.

By now you’ve probably heard the story of how TechnoBuffalo began, but it stands as a testament to what determination can do. Starting off in Jon’s bedroom and now growing into a full-fledged company with employees all over the world, it’s a great honor and we’re truly thankful for your support. None of this would have been possible without a dedicated fan base, and we thank you for sticking with us after all these years.

Check out the video above to see the yearbook for yourselves.

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