Randy Moss hasn’t retired his mouth

So Randy is still talking.

So Randy is still talking.
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During Randy Moss’ Hall of Fame career, he was known for running his mouth (too much sometimes) and backing it up on the field. Moss would raise his outside hand on go routes, signaling to his quarterback that he was open. Sometimes Mosswould throw up the signal before he’d even run past the unlucky soul tasked with guarding him.


Talk about bravado. I mean, confidence is one thing, but that is one of the larger displays of arrogance I’ve seen on a football field. This was a regular occurrence over the first decade of Moss’ career.

You might think someone like Moss, who is now in retirement, might have mellowed out just a bit. Moss is a Hall of Famer now, and he has a cushy gig with ESPN. But nope. Moss is still running his mouth, talking trash, and getting paid to do exactly that.

Cameras caught Moss, who is 44 years old and has suited up in the NFL in nearly a decade, talking wild on the field during pre-game festivities before the Packers and Lions on MNF. Moss sounds as confident in his 40s as he did 20 years ago in his prime.

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“Put me on the 10-yard line. In four quarters, I’ll score a touchdown on one of these fools.”


As funny as it sounds and maybe just as sad, I have to say I believe him. I know it comes off jokingly, but you know he thinks it. He also thinks he was better than Jerry Rice, so take that how you want. But in that game Monday night against cornerbacks from either team (Jaire Alexander excluded), Moss may not be entirely out of his mind. I wouldn’t dare put Moss up against an all-world cornerback like Jalen Ramsey. Line Moss up against Kevin King of the Packers and see what happens. Bet the farm on Moss scoring in that matchup.

We hear about a potential comeback for Terrell Owens every year since he retired. Why not Moss? While I don’t see a Moss comeback happening, I find it interesting to hear how some former players view the game and its current players after being away from the action for a while. I don’t doubt for one second that Moss thinks he could still toast half of today’s NFL starting CBs even at age 44. We’ll never get to see most of these matchups, but they are fun to think about sometimes.

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