Red Bull Racing’s New F1 Motorhome Is Nicer Than Every House I’ve Ever Been In

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If you’ve ever wanted to witness an obscene display of wealth, look no further than Formula One. While, yes, we all know that the cars are expensive, we often forget about all the other shit that’s transported to the track—like, for example, Red Bull Racing’s absurd “motorhome” that looks more like an Alpine cabin than, uh, an actual motorhome.

Red Bull Racing has stepped up the game ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, though. After fourteen seasons of using their Energy Station, they’re now upgrading to the aptly-named F1 Holzhaus (which translates to F1 Wood House).

Illustration for article titled Red Bull Racing's New F1 Motorhome Is Nicer Than Every House I've Ever Been In
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

The team has utilized a very liberal interpretation of the word “motorhome” in the design of this beast. You can’t actually drive this thing to the track. It’s not a living space on four wheels. There is, in fact, assembly required—namely, by a crew of 25 people, as per Red Bull’s press release.

At over 13,1oo ft2 the motorhome requires a whopping 32 hour build time. It’s apparently quicker to take down, but it is absolutely mind blowing that anyone could need this much space to lounge around during a busy weekend (even for both the RBR and Toro Rosso teams it hosts), but that mindset probably shows that I am a plebeian who has no concept of Too Much Money.


The F1 Holzhaus is 27 percent bigger than their Energy Station, which debuted at the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix. The Energy Station became one of the more distinctive spaces in the paddock over the years—but the Holzhaus, made of “sustainably sourced Austrian wood” promises to be one hell of a looker.

The original Red Bull Energy Station.
The original Red Bull Energy Station.
Photo: Dan Istitene (Getty)

The Holzhaus has actually debuted before—once at the 2018 Austrian F1 Grand Prix and also as the Red Bull MotoGP team’s motorhome last year. It’s back, it’s bigger, and it’ll be a focal point in the paddock during the nine European races taking place this year.


After years of being an F1 fan, I constantly feel like I should stop being surprised at the truly gross amounts of money tossed around on a regular basis for things that don’t even touch the track. And yet, here I am. Gaping at a motorhome more beautiful than pretty much any other building I’ve ever set foot in.

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