Rob Gronkowski is starring in two upcoming crime thrillers

Rob Gronkowski Actorvia Youtube

Rob Gronkowski is a man of many talents.

He is an historically great tight end for the New England Patriots, virtually unguardable in the open field when fully healthy. He is also a party cruise entrepreneur, a published author, and — as of this year — a budding star of the silver screen.

Gronkowski has roles in two forthcoming films: “American Violence” and “You Can’t Have It.”

Now, Gronkowski has technically appeared in films before, most notably his beer-funneling cameo in the 2015 cinematic achievement “Entourage”. But 2017 marks the year in which Gronk will appear not as himself, but in character.

In “American Violence”, which stars Bruce Dern and Denise Richards, Gronkowski plays a man named Brad. In the trailer, Brad kicks the gun out of someone’s hand, throws a man into the side of a van, fires a gun, and screams.

In “You Can’t Have It”, a steamy thriller that appears to take place exclusively in a bar called Mr. Phil’s, Gronk plays Officer Weadon. In the trailer, Officer Weadon inquires: “Someone needs to do some explaining what’s going on.”

Warning: this trailer contains mature content.

While the Boston Herald pessimistically speculates that both films will “most likely going pretty straight to video in February and March,” as of this publication the distribution specifics of the two pictures are not yet know.

That said, mark your calendars for March 17, when “You Can’t Have It” is set to be released.

The Patriots, meanwhile, will be without Gronkowski for the duration of the playoffs. He had back surgery in early December and won’t play until next season.

New England fans and film fanatics alike wish Gronk a speedy recovery.

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