Rudy Giuliani loves Philadelphia Eagles hoops

Rudy Giuliana has no idea what sport the Philadelphia Eagles play.

Rudy Giuliana has no idea what sport the Philadelphia Eagles play.
Image: (Getty Images)

Perhaps the most delicious part of the attempted coup by the Trump administration is that Rudy Giuliani has evolved into a laughingstock.


The latest: Rudy doesn’t know what sport the Philadelphia Eagles play.

“You knew that people were coming over from Camden to vote … It’s about as frequent as getting beat up at a Philadelphia Eagles basketball, uh, football game. Happens all the time.”


It seems unlikely that Giuliani has ever been to an Eagles game, so he’s basically using hearsay to present that as fact. Which is more evidence than he has that any election fraud has been committed.

Honestly, that wasn’t even the most ridiculous part of the fact-free Giuliani press conference on Thursday, as he sweated so profusely that his hair dye ran down his face.

The past month has been a nonstop embarrassment tour for Giuliani, who pranked by Borat and got caught with his hands down his pants in front of someone he believed to be an underage foreign reporter. If he can be compromised so easily by a comedian, imagine what a real Russian agent can do.


Then Giuliani infamously and hilariously held a parking-lot press conference at Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which White House insiders derisively called a “Giuliani special.”

For scoreboard watchers, Giuliani and company are 1 and 24 in court cases trying to prove voter fraud, many of which have been undermined by Trump’s own lawyers, who were forced to admit they have no evidence of wrongdoing.


It’s a fitting end for the man who became so synonymous with police brutality during his time as mayor of New York that an urban legend about cops yelling “Giuliani time!” became the title of a documentary about the man.

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