Scottie Pippen writes a book and all of a sudden he’s judging everyone’s greatness

Scottie Pippen, hot-take machine

Scottie Pippen, hot-take machine
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Ever since Scottie Pippen’s memoir, Unguarded, was announced months ago, and excerpts were leaked of him taking wide-open shots at Michael Jordan, it feels like the onslaught against the GOAT has been unwavering. Now Pippen has taken aim at another recognized GOAT in seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.


During an interview with GQ Sports, Pippen shared his thoughts on Brady and how he views the conversation of the greatest players on the gridiron.

It’s hard to place Tom Brady at the top of the NFL, even though he’s won a lot of championships. There are almost 70 players on each team, so is he playing on every side of the football? Is he on kickoff? Is he on the punt returns? Because if he ain’t playing all them roles, then he got to give credit to his team.

Pippen’s comments are understandable when you’re looking at the best all-around football players in NFL history. If that’s the conversation, Brady (like most traditional drop-back QBs) won’t even receive an invite. But when Brady is called the greatest, in most cases, we’re talking among QBs.

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Scottie must be OK with being taken off two Christmas card lists entering this holiday season. Even if he was never on Brady’s list, he’s undoubtedly been taken off after his comments. Brady hears everything and never forgets a slight, so Pippen may want to tread lightly when tossing all his opinions around.


Whether or not we’ve agreed with all Pippen’s had to say over the past few months, we can certainly say he’s taken full advantage of the new platform he’s created for himself in blasting anyone (mostly MJ) he deems worthy. Pippen even bashed Kevin Durant and the Warriors along with the 73-9 Warriors team that lost in the Finals. Nobody is safe from a legacy attack when Scottie Pippen is in front of a hot mic.

But where will all this attention leave Pippen’s legacy? Many people feel this has just been a ploy to sell books, and others think this is Pippen finally getting everything off his chest and may be taking it a little too far. It’s likely all the above.


When you’re known as the sidekick for your entire career, you win multiple championships, then you never get the credit you feel you deserve. Eventually, all that built-up anger and resentment festers until it inevitably explodes. What we’ve witnessed over the last few months is the erupting volcano that is Scottie Pippen. Unfortunately for him, this will all be over soon. He’ll get another couple of months worth of interviews and appearances out of this book. I just have the sneaking suspicion that once the new year rolls around, Pippen, all his quotes, and Unguarded will be unwanted by fans and the media. So, enjoy these next few weeks of Pippen interviews because once these 15-minutes are up, we probably won’t hear or see much of Scottie for a while.

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