Sentient pile of trash enjoys racisming in public

Please go home, you dickhead

Please go home, you dickhead
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We’re not going to say that Atlanta is continuing the chop just to cater to racists. But the racists sure seem to like it.


Also, check that, we are going to say that Atlanta is continuing the chop just to cater to racists. Just like how they’re keeping their team name to cater to racists, and how they build their stadium in the suburbs to cater to racists, and how they proudly welcomed Donald Trump to their stadium for a World Series game.

Atlanta won Game 4 on Saturday night, 3-2. Oddly, the twice-impeached former president and future defendant did not question the results of the game, even though Fox showed the Astros ahead by two runs with 61 percent of innings played.

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Area Man Fucks Around, Finds Out


Bucking a trend

On November 8, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, will welcome the Milwaukee Bucks to the White House, the first NBA champions to visit America’s executive mansion since the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, because, y’know, the last guy is the one who was at the baseball game on Saturday, doing all that racism.


B1G frauds

Penn State has its first three-game losing streak since way back in 2020, when they started 0-5. A note to James Franklin, the next opponent is Maryland. They should be familiar, having beaten the Nittany Lions, 35-19, last year in Happy Valley.


Since reaching the No. 2 ranking, by beating then-No. 4 Penn State, meanwhile, Iowa has scored two touchdowns, and suffered two losses.

It’s possible that rankings early in the season do not mean very much.

COVID the NHL’s latest woe

The Sharks having a COVID outbreak, following Chicago’s, and the Wild’s, and the Kraken’s… yikes.


The NHL has done incredibly well getting vaccinated, but hockey rinks have been a particularly friendly environment to the coronavirus all along, just as is the case with other airborne viruses — there’s a reason that the flu goes around the league every year, the cold air at ice level and a bunch of heavy breathing.

It’s good that the vaccines mean everyone catching it is far less likely to develop a severe case, but you can also look at the effects Jaylen Brown is describing since his return to the Boston Celtics, and think that maybe it’s time to tighten up the protocols a bit, especially in hockey.

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