Shredding Ski Slopes On A MotoGP Bike Is The Ultimate Denial Of Fear

Marc Marquez is a three-time world champion motorcycle racer, but it takes a special kind of crazy to ride a high-powered racing sport bike up and down ski runs. Especially on the hill “that will rip open your pelvis like a book.”


Remember last year, when Max Verstappen tossed snow chains on his Formula One car and attacked the ski slopes of Kitzbühel, Austria? Yeah, this is the same spot. But the tires are meaner, and the chance of our heroic pilot turning into a bloody icicle seems a whole lot higher.

(Photo Credit: Red Bull)

Spoiler alert, he doesn’t, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be watching it as a Red Bull-endorsed action video. But still, once you get through half a minute of dramatic tire-spiking footage (which is actually pretty cool too) Marquez’s feat is ballsy and inspiring and awesome.


Marquez, who Red Bull introduces as the youngest guy to ever take the MotoGP title, only released this statement in a press release:

“It was really difficult to keep the bike under control, but I’m young and it’s good fun to try some crazy things! We enjoyed it, and we could see after a few runs everything that was possible. The piste was really well prepared. I could really get going and I had a great feeling out there. The grip was unbelievable, even for a wheelie!”

I’m a little confused about what the experience was actually like–was it hard to keep control, or was the grip great? Of course we’re not supposed to worry about such things, just stare slack-jawed at this scary stunt and the awesomeness of tires with protruding spikes.

Still it’s a hell of a move and Marquez is a legend on wheels, spiked or not.

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