Simplify Your Fridge Decor With These Perfect, Versatile Magnets

Good Grips Magnetic All-Purpose Clips, $8
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

When was the last time you bought new magnets for your refrigerator? And no, the souvenir magnet your mother-in-law brought back from New Orleans doesn’t count. What are you even using to display scraps of paper on your fridge, anyway? The thin promotional magnet from your local pizzeria, the one that obscures your brother’s head on his cute save-the-date postcard? The one that gives up under the slightest challenge when burdened with merely two or three layers of cardstock?

One of the best things I’ve done to improve the positive vibes in my home was buying these tiny magnets. They’re low-profile and most importantly, strong. I like that they’re so small and don’t get in the way of any of mine and my roommates’ cool stuff we like to display on refrigerator, like a Poaroid photo of our cat and a birthday card from two years ago. They’re also strong enough to hold a stack of coupons that won’t get used before their expiration date. When they’re not in use, they fit neatly in a cute plastic box that, when filled with magnets, also sticks to the fridge.


If you’re into DIY-ing, these tiny mighty magnets are also excellent for crafting. Glue one to whatever small knick knack you’d like—a seashell or a campaign button, perhaps—and the object is instantly magnetized and ready to hold up more things on your fridge door. At $7.49 for 50 magnets, they’re a steal and perfect for both millennials and parents of small artists-in-residence.

If you’re looking for something with even more off-the-fridge utility, consider picking up some of these OXO Good Grips magnet clips, available in three different color combinations. They’re a more mature upgrade from these little guys you may have swiped directly from your childhood home. Like the aforementioned tiny magnets, they’re plenty strong when you need to hang up a takeout menu or convey passive-aggressive messages to your roommates, but their true beauty is in their elegant ability to securely close bags of chips, frozen vegetables and more. When you’re done snacking on your choice of preservative-laden munchies, simply grab one of these off the fridge and snap it onto the family-size bag until the next time hunger strikes. The magnetized back means it stays out of the chaotic abyss that is your junk drawer.

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