Six Teens Ran Through Highway Traffic After Crashing Stolen SUV

Photo: WisDOT

I don’t know what is a worse situation to find yourself in between stealing an SUV, crashing said stolen vehicle on a highway, or fleeing the scene by sprinting across six lanes of highway traffic. A group of Wisconsin teenagers appeared to have done all three.


Last week Friday, a somewhat bizarre incident took place on the Beltline in Madison, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation released CCTV footage. The video begins as traffic begins to pick up on the set of lanes furthest from the camera. Then, a black Chevy Traverse barrels into frame on the shoulder. The Chevrolet hit another SUV, then careened into a highway barrier and came to a stop. Local law enforcement was quick to arrive at the scene.

The driver of the Traverse was the first to exit the SUV and run to the median. He vaulted over the median, almost falling, and attempted to make it to the opposite shoulder. But, he saw that a tractor-trailer was coming down the highway toward him and turned back to the median. By that point, five passengers spilled out of the SUV and made their way to the median. Then, all six teenagers scrambled between cars to make it to the opposite shoulder.

It was reported that the teenagers made their way up the highway where it spans the Yahara River, and one of them jumped into the water. The police used boats to apprehend the teen who jumped in the river 90 minutes later. It was later stated by the Madison Police Department that Chevy Traverse was stolen and that the driver was 18 years old. The driver is being charged with a felony of driving a vehicle without consent and for resisting an officer. Honestly, I’d be glad that I didn’t get plowed into by a distracted driver.

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