Skype brings group video calling to iOS and Android

Skype on Thursday announced that it’s now rolling out group video calls to mobile devices, including iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. That means you’ll be able to start a call with grandma and then add your sister to the call, too.

Perfect, you can hit two birds with one stone during the holidays.

The capability is rolling out now in North America and Western Europe, and Skype expects the rollout to continue over the coming weeks. That means you might not see it just yet though the full rollout is expected to be completed by next month. Skype is promising HD quality video and clear audio thanks to its SILK Super Wide Band audio codec that it built with Intel and Microsoft.

But it doesn’t just have to be you, your grandma and your sister on the phone. Skype is allowing up to 25 people to join in on a group video call, complete with a special grid view that allows you to easily manage who you see.

Shut up everyone, I’m trying to talk.

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