Skyrim’s remaster has more secrets to reveal, will be “as next gen” as possible

There’s a whole range of ways a remaster can be handled, from a ground-up rebuild to simply cranking up the resolution. Bethesda announced a remaster of their massively successful Skyrim at E3 this year, a game that has more mods for it than just about any game out there and has lived on for years thanks to those mods.

While Bethesda gave us some hints in the debut video of things we could expect – new ways of handling water, snow, and light, for example – marketing boss Pete Hines says there’s more to it than what we’ve seen.

“We haven’t gotten into the full ‘Here’s all the things we’re doing,’ but the basic idea is, in all the ways possible, we’re trying to improve it and make it as next gen and appropriate for these consoles as possible,” Hines told IGN. “Performance, effects, or whatever we can do to make the game look and feel better, we’re going to give it a go.”

Like Fallout 4, this remaster of Skyrim is set to allow for PC mods. That alone means that this new edition isn’t as simple as dropping the PC version with settings maxed out onto consoles. It sounds like the game is getting some significant improvements that will make it worth the price tag. It’s sure to be one of the best-selling remasters of all time despite its fifth birthday being just months away.

If you’re on PC, you may be getting a free upgrade to the special edition, but if you’ve stuck with the game the last five years, the mods you’ve played might make half the Special Edition’s features moot.

I’m done with Fallout for the time being, but the call of Tamriel’s northernmost kingdom might be too tough to resist when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 28.

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