Some Guy Drifted A Toyota 86 For Almost Six Hours Straight To Break A World Record

Image via Toyota

There are so many questions that come up when you read that someone broke a world record by drifting for nearly six hours straight. How bad were the hand cramps? Was there an urge to pee at all? Did the driver pee? Did the people officially witnessing it have to take a witness break to pee?

Now that I’m back from the bathroom—thinking about drifting for nearly six hours straight made me have to pee, sorry—a Toyota press release said South African journalist Jesse Adams attempted to break the current drifting world record of 89 straight miles over two hours and 25 minutes. That record is from 2014, and if it’s confirmed, Adams blew it out of the water by drifting for 102.5 miles over five hours and 46 minutes. Why Adams’ mileage went by so much more slowly, we do not know.

There isn’t much video footage of the nearly six-hour drift on the internet yet, but here’s a small clip of it:

That may not look like the drifting of your dreams, but it doesn’t have to be a high-speed slide to count as a drift. Toyota said the premise of the record “is that the driven wheels are not allowed to stop spinning at any time during the run.” From the press release:



A change of direction is permitted, as long as the driven wheels stay in motion. If at any point the driven wheels had stopped, the run would be considered null and void and the driver would need to restart their attempt from scratch.

The car had no modifications to it other than an extra 40-liter fuel tank added on, according to Auto Trader. Adams made 1,000 laps around the 177-meter track he was using for the record, with his average speed being just slightly over 18 mph. The press release said 48 of the laps were disallowed, but didn’t specify the impact that had on the record.

But if anything, I know the impact this record had on my bladder. See y’all on the other side of this second bathroom trip.

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